“It was like Chuck Norris kicked me in the chest!”
How My Heart Attack Helped Me Discover The “Missing Omegas” That Made My Doctor Say… 
“You’re nearly
heart attack-proof.”
Inside: The Harvard breakthrough discovery that scientists agree is a safe and effective way to keep your heart healthy
Hi, I’m Dr. Lawrence Kamen.

10 years ago… I had an excruciating life experience I never saw coming.

You see: I’ve been a doctor for over 20 years.
I’m also a regular runner. A light drinker. And I no longer smoke since our beautiful daughter was born.

That’s why I was so surprised when, on the morning of May 16, 2010…
A sharp stabbing pain
right in the middle of my chest…
(I felt like Chuck Norris had kicked me in the chest.)...
Wheeled me to the emergency room of the nearest hospital… And made me bed-bound in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit with my new stents for more than a week.

While that incident happened almost 10 years ago… I can still remember all the little details.

Because aside from the pain that was beyond a level 10... I can never forget the terrified look on my wife’s and my child’s faces - NEVER!
I felt like I put them through hell.
And I don’t want that to ever happen again.
You see: when you have a heart attack, your chances of getting another within the next five years is one in five.

That’s why I decided… I was going to do everything I could to not be one of those statistics!
10 years after that May 2010 incident…
I’m so happy to report what my cardiologist told me during my recent blood draw session.
He said...
“Dr. Lawrence, your triglycerides, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels are as perfect as your heart rate. 
You’re nearly heart attack-proof.
Keep doing whatever you’re doing.”
Hearing that, a huge weight was lifted off my chest.

For the past 10 years, my mental state has actually been a mess.

I lived in fear that my father's history would be replicated in my own life.

I was just so worried that I would have to leave my wife to raise our daughter alone. And...

I was terrified I might stare death in the  face again - and that this time, I wouldn’t make it.
The good news is…
Those are now things of the past…
Because after maintaining what was already a pretty fair diet and exercise…

And… After I discovered the Harvard breakthrough study that I’ll share with you in a moment…
I now have a strong and healthy heart.
I have healthy blood pressure and triglyceride levels.

I’ve lost significant weight and am keeping it off.

I now sleep more soundly.

I have a clearer mind. I have more energy.

I now live a worry-free life with my beautiful wife and daughter.
Here’s the thing:
This Harvard breakthrough discovery that I’m about to tell you about harnesses the power of the Missing Omegas --- the type of Omega-3s you’ll NEVER find elsewhere ---to:
Improve heart scarring significantly
 (more on this in a moment) so you can:
  • Keep your heart pumping strong
  • Support your healthy blood pressure
  • Bolster your healthy cholesterol
  • Reduce bad triglyceride levels
  • Power up your metabolism, and… 
  • Help you shed unwanted body fat 
I know you’ve heard the same promises before and are now skeptical, which I totally understand...

Because just like you…

I spent the last decade trying my best to do the “right thing”...
  • From taking all the medicines...
  • Keeping myself active...
  • Eating 100% plant-based nutrition...
  • Ditching salt...
  • Going on a strict Paleo diet...
  • Trying to sleep 7 to 8 hours every night, to...
  • Watching Forks Over Knives...
  • And even reading every Dr. Ornish and Dr. Esselstyn book I could find on Amazon...
…only to see little improvement in my heart health and numbers.
That was, until I came across the Harvard study…

And discovered the Missing Omegas that helped my heart beat healthily again.
Today, thousands of other people like...
Gina Kanner...
I seem to have more energy, and my blood pressure is now staying around normal for me!
And Jerry Johnson...
I can do more! The most noticeable result has been increased energy and this will lead to more improvements as I feel ready to DO more already.
…have experienced the same astonishing results 
from using these Missing Omegas!
That’s why I’m completely convinced...

These Missing Omegas can keep your heart strong, safe, and ready to pump away!
So if you are…
  • Someone who wants to keep your heart healthy...

  • Someone who’s serious about keeping your cholesterol, blood pressure and triglyceride levels in check...

  • Someone who believes your responsibility to your family is nowhere near finished.

Make sure you continue reading…

Because in just 5 minutes from now...

I’m going to share with you how these Missing Omegas can keep your heart healthy and beating strong every single day.

But first, let’s go back to the morning of May 16, 2010… when it all started.
Again…  I’m Dr. Lawrence Kamen.
I’ve been a general doctor for over 20 years.

And I’ve dealt with patients who were agonizing over the simplest to the most debilitating health problems you can imagine.

Witnessing the major reasons why my patients come and go in my clinic...

I know how important it is to keep myself healthy.
That’s why I was so terrified when I had my heart attack.
It was a beautiful Sunday morning with my wife Laura and my daughter Jane.

It started as a normal day.

I exercised.

We ate breakfast together.

Then, I plopped down in front of my computer and started checking my emails...
Until, 20 minutes or so later…
I felt a weird sharp, stabbing pain in my chest.
At first, the pain was tolerable. Then it went away.

A couple of minutes later, I felt the sharp pain again.

My first thought was that I was just having indigestion. Until…
I felt like Chuck Norris kicked me in the chest.
I couldn’t take a deep breath.

I couldn’t get out of my chair.

I felt cold sweat starting to pour over my body.

I knew something wasn’t right.

I know I needed to call 911 but I couldn’t even dial the phone right.
So I called Laura to call them for me.

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“I’m having bad chest pains”, I told her.
The pain was getting worse and worse.
And I was pretty convinced that I was dying, right in front of my wife and my daughter.
The paramedics arrived in less than 5 minutes after my wife called them.

But I felt like it took an eternity.

I was immediately loaded onto a stretcher.
And as I was wheeled past my daughter and wife… I assured them not to worry because I was going to be fine.

But the truth is...

The impending doom was overwhelming.

My mind was racing.

I was looking at the ceiling of the ambulance thinking...
What if I don’t make it to the hospital?
What if I don’t ever see Laura and Jane again?

What if that was the last breakfast we would enjoy together?
From that point on, everything was a blur.
The pain was getting more intense. I started to sweat profusely.

The ride in the ambulance felt like an eternity.

When I arrived at the hospital, I was rushed to the cath lab, and there I met my cardiologist…

Who, after injecting a dye, told me…
“You’re having a massive heart attack.”
Although he looked calm and reassuring, that news scared the crap out of me.

The good news is: After he cleared the blocked artery and put a stent in my heart... I just felt so lucky to be alive!
You see: I’m just 57 years old.
I eat well and exercise regularly, so I thought I was in good health.
But I was wrong.
Then it came to me.
  • Maybe the heart attack happened because I ate poorly when I was younger. I was once addicted to Mountain Dew.

  • Maybe it was because I smoked for a couple of years and only stopped when my daughter was born. 

  • Maybe it was because I was too stressed at work and only slept an average of 4-5 hours every night. Or…

  • Maybe it was because my father died at age 42 from a heart attack… and I had the genetic predisposition for this, too!
Darn! Whatever the reason for my heart attack... I was going to do anything for one more hug from my wife and my daughter.
To be honest, I felt scared every single day.
I had anxiety because it felt like... I had a ticking time bomb inside me.

I was scared a piece of plaque would break off again at any time and create another blockage.

So, I was on edge.

But… I didn’t tell any of this to my wife because I wanted to appear strong for her.
The first few weeks at home were really a struggle.
My independence was taken away from me.
I had to rely on Laura just to go to the bathroom, which is only about 5 steps away from our bed.

It required a lot of effort, and I got really short of breath.

The doctors said that I would learn to live with it on a day-to-day basis…
But seeing the worried looks on my loved ones’ faces, I couldn’t just live with it.

So I tried every possible way to keep my arteries clear and my heart healthy around the clock.

I saw my cardiologist as regularly as he wanted to see me.

I tried to lower my cholesterol with medicine.

That helped a bit.
However, my numbers continued to be very high.
What I discovered was that I’m sensitive to carbs.
In fact, I met most of the criteria for Metabolic Syndrome, a leading indicator of strokes, Type 2 Diabetes and heart attacks.
I followed the advice of Dr. Ornish and Dr. Esselstyn, buying and reading all of their books.

But as it turns out... This information was outdated and generic.

The books talked way too much about themselves and not enough about keeping your heart healthy.
They’re also too technical for someone not in the medical field.

And, I guess they were only written for vegetarians, which I decidedly am not.
I also tried doing the simplest exercises.
However, my mobility was impaired, so I couldn’t exercise as much as I wanted to.
I also went on statins.
It worked okay, but it created horrific side-effects for me.
  • I had muscle pains.

  • I was plagued with digestive issues like bloating and wind.

  • I also had nightmares and very disturbed sleep.
And a heart transplant?
No way!
Half of my relatives are also physicians.

And they always joke that if you’re in Houston, you should be careful of complaining about chest pains.

Because if you do… You’ll be sent for an immediate transplant.

It's not funny anymore.

I knew I couldn’t just wait for my ticking time bomb to explode anytime.
So I started researching the latest breakthroughs for heart health and longevity.
That's how I came across this groundbreaking research from Harvard.
It reveals how Omega-3 and the Missing Omegas...

...which you’ll learn about later, can help to support your heart’s healthy cardiac muscle cells so your heart keeps pumping strong, no matter what it goes through.
As you may know, your heart is made of a special involuntary muscle called cardiac muscle.

This cardiac muscle is made up of cardiac muscle cells, which are responsible for keeping your heart pumping blood and sending oxygen throughout your body.

At the same time, these cells allow the heart, lungs and muscles to function well.
However, once you have a heart attack…
Your heart loses a quarter of these heart muscle cells due to scarring.
In fact, your heart can have 26 to 75 percent scar tissue according to John Hopkins Medicine.

Just imagine the brown patch that appeared on your skin whenever you had a sore, cut or scrape as a child.
These scars are necessary for wound repair.

However... Scar tissues that form in the heart do not contract.

That means they cannot help your heart to pump.

And, it can also spread over your heart’s remaining healthy muscle cells in the long run.
What’s even more alarming is: This scarred tissue is starved of oxygen, making that portion of your heart impossible to recover.

Therefore, your heart’s remaining healthy tissue needs to compensate.

It has to work harder to maintain your heart’s ability to pump blood throughout your body.

The problem is… This overworking can also lead to more scarring over time.

And according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, further scarring can lead to other health risks such as…

Irregular heartbeat, stroke, congestive heart failure, or even death.
Therefore, if you want to maintain your healthy heart even after a major heart attack, then…
You have to keep the cardiac muscle cells from scarring so that your heart can pump blood strongly again.
The thing is: You can only find limited solutions for heart scarring other than paying for a lifetime’s worth of expensive maintenance therapies, treatments and medications to help stop another heart attack in its tracks.
However, thanks to the Harvard discovery published in the journal of Circulation...
It’s now possible to keep your heart healthy and pumping strong without the need to…
  • Become 100% vegetarian
  • Agonize from the adverse side-effects of medicines 
  • Read pages of technical books that don’t really help, and
  • Spend thousands of dollars on maintenance treatments and therapies.
In the study, Harvard scientists gathered 358 heart attack survivors for a double-blind placebo study for 6 months.
180 of these test subjects were given Omega-3, while the remaining 178 test subjects were given a placebo.

But before the study began…

Test subjects underwent a cardiac magnetic resonance imaging test to assess their heart structure and tissue.

Six months later, the test subjects were again checked for their heart health.
The results?
Those who took the Omega-3 improved heart tissue scarring by an astonishing 5.6%.
This means that their heart scarring improved, allowing their heart cardiac muscle cells to pump strongly...

And their blood to flow to and from their heart like an oxygen-rich, life-saving river again.
But that’s just the beginning.
Researchers also noticed a significant improvement in the test subjects’ inflammation biomarkers and cholesterol levels.
This made these Harvard researchers conclude that…
“Omega-3 fatty acids are a safe and effective treatment in improving cardiac remodeling (scarring), so it may be promising in reducing the incidence of heart failure or death, which are still major healthcare burdens to patients who suffer a heart attack."
In other words, Omega-3 acids can help stop heart scarring in its tracks so that your heart stays healthy and beats strongly.

I can personally attest to that!
Because, after using the special Omega-3 supplement that includes the Missing Omegas...
My heart health improved a lot.
I noticed an amazing difference in my jog after just one week taking these Missing Omegas.
From feeling tightness and heaviness in my chest and being out-of-breath…

I slowly built up my distance and speed, and I stopped having chest pains.

Now, I’m fitter and faster than ever.

I can now even go to Walmart alone without gasping for air.

I can even run faster than I did in my 20s.
In fact, I’m close to breaking 7 minutes for the 2k run after 8 months of training.
I scared my wife with my exercise, but it works perfectly and gives me endurance.

I can now even go skiing with my daughter.

Aside from that, I've lost about 14 pounds. The weight fell off me with no effort.

I sleep far more soundly. My thinking is clearer. I have more energy.
And… In just after a month of adding the Missing Omegas in my diet…
  • My blood draw revealed that my cholesterol level dropped by 30 points. 

  • My LDL now stays under 100 mg/dL. 

  • My triglyceride also remains under 150 mg/dL.
Which has made my doctors say...
“Dr. Lawrence, your triglycerides, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are as perfect as your heart rate.
You’re nearly heart attack-proof. 
Keep doing whatever you’re doing.”
But here’s the thing:
Although you might have heard the word, “Omega” or “Omega-3” when learning about your heart…

The problem is: You can’t get “The Missing Omegas” you need from any random fish oil, krill oil, or even CoQ10 formula.

Krill doesn’t produce enough of the Missing Omegas…

And neither do most fish oils.
Most fish oil manufacturers aren’t going to include them in their purest form.

Because if they do, they are risking their profits.
That’s why I want to show you exactly where  you can source the Missing Omegas
in their purest and safest possible form!
Because just like the Harvard researchers agree...

These Missing Omegas can help stop heart scarring in its tracks…

And at the same time, help shut off inflammation in the body.
You see: inflammation weakens your heart.
Therefore, your body doesn't get enough blood and nutrients it needs.

This can result in clots forming in your heart… which may lead to more heart scarring.

And as mentioned earlier, when your cardiac muscle cells get scarred… Your heart’s remaining healthy tissue needs to work harder to circulate blood and oxygen throughout your body.
Otherwise, it can result in a stroke or even another heart attack.
This is why you need the Missing Omegas.
These Missing Omegas influence specific genes that maintain healthy inflammation.

And once they do…  They can help keep your triglyceride levels at a healthy range.
Remember when I told you earlier that I met most of the criteria for Metabolic Syndrome?
After years of using the Missing Omegas, my doctor no longer bugs me about my numbers
  • My blood pressure levels remain in the healthy range.
  • My energy has soared.
  • My sex life has improved!
  • And, my blood sugar and insulin functions remain at healthy levels.
You see: aside from the fact that high blood sugar can lead to diabetes… It also forces your heart to work harder than it normally does.

This makes it more difficult for your blood vessels to dilate... Which means less oxygen and blood flow to your heart.

And that increases your chances of getting a heart attack BIG time.
However, by keeping your blood sugar levels at bay… you help prevent the onset of heart attack as well as unwanted cravings.

And with no more unwanted cravings, your eating habits naturally improve.

This can lead to a huge, positive long-term impact on your heart, weight and overall health.
Now, this entire time, you’ve probably been wondering…
What’s the name of these Missing Omegas and where do they come from?
Well, these Missing Omegas are called:
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA).
Sure, you’ve probably heard or read about EPA and DHA.

But the thing is: Not all EPA and DHA are created equal.

Plus… With more research coming out about the power of EPA and DHA Omega-3s… It’s only a matter of time before Big Pharma wants to sink its teeth in…

And once that happens, imagine how much they’ll inflate the price.
But you don’t have to worry.
Because in a moment, I’m going to share with you where exactly you can get the PUREST forms of these Missing Omegas.

It’s the exact Missing Omegas I used that helped...
  • Improve my heart scarring significantly
  • Keep my heart strong and healthy
  • Maintain my healthy blood pressure and triglyceride levels
  • Make my heart nearly heart attack-proof.
But before we dive into that…

It’s important to understand why these Missing Omegas are different from what you’ll find in other so-called fish and krill oils.
You see: when I read about the Harvard discovery… I immediately asked my wife to buy me any Omega-3 she could find at the grocery store.

But that was a completely wrong move.

If only I’d known about the 3 disgusting fish oil finds beforehand…

I wouldn’t have spent hundreds of dollars on buying those bottles of rancid Omega-3s!
So before you jump out and buy your bottles… Make sure you know about these 3 disgusting fish oil finds so you can totally get rid of them.
Shocking Fish Oil Find #1:
The type of fish and the location most fish oil comes from.
Out of all the steps to squeeze every ounce of profit from every fish… Extracting oil is last on the to-do list.

Therefore, by the time they get to extracting the oil, a lot of it has turned rancid and started to oxidize.

When this happens… The oil tastes and smells bad, and has LITTLE Omega-3 benefit.

And because the oil is bad, you get disgusting fish burps.

In fact, a recent study by the University of Antwerp Belgium found that… over 69 fish oil brands sell rancid and contaminated fish oil.
And here’s what’s even more disgusting...
The majority of fish used for fish oil are caught off the coasts of South America and China.
Geological studies found that the water surrounding South America contains up to 25 times more industrial chemicals than anywhere else on the planet!

Then there’s China, where things get even worse. China has had a water pollution problem for many years.

A recent article from the New York Times quoted a biology professor from Hong Kong, saying: "There are [poisonous] heavy metals, mercury, and flame retardants in the fish samples we've tested."
And what’s more depressing is… Your fish oils may say they’re “Made in the USA”, but that may be only partly true.

Here’s why:

As long as manufacturers put foreign oil into capsules and bottle them here in America… US customs can still claim it was made in the States.
Think about that for a second…
Right now, in your own fish oil bottle, there may be rancid, foreign fish oil contaminating your health!
Would you REALLY be willing to risk your health by taking fish oil that comes from places like these?

Of course not!

But… If that’s not enough to make you worry…

Let’s talk about…
Shocking Fish Oil Find #2:
How these contaminated, polluted fish can trigger a heart attack.
A study from the New Zealand’s Crop and Food Research Institute shows how contaminated, rancid fish oil can actually increase the chances of blood clots, clogged arteries and heart attack.

And because this bad fish oil can damage your body at a cellular level… It can contribute to chronic inflammation.
And on top of your body rejecting the rancid fish oil…

There’s barely any Omega-3 in the oil to begin with.

Since our bodies don’t make Omega-3 on their own...

Rancid fish oil can lead to Omega-3 deficiency... Or even worse, Omega-3 poisoning.
Heck, from my 20 years as a doctor… I wouldn’t be surprised if this was what was causing most, if not ALL heart disease!
This is why your heart NEEDS the Missing Omegas.
In a moment, I’ll show how to get the Missing Omegas known as EPA and DHA combined with everything else you need... In the same doses used in the Harvard study and completely purified.

But for now... Let’s talk about the one last shocking fish oil find that you never want to ignore.

It’s the reason why most fish oils will NEVER be absorbed by your body, putting you at risk of Omega-3 deficiency and poisoning.
Shocking Fish Oil Find #3:
Why most fish oils will never be absorbed by your body and give you the benefits your heart needs.
The answer is simple:

It’s because many fish oil manufacturers use this cheap form of concentration that’s hard for your body to absorb. This concentration is called "Ethyl Ester".
However, for your body to fully absorb the fish oil… 

Fish oil needs to be in the TRIGLYCERIDE form (also called TG).

This natural form of fish oil is absorbed up to 70% more than ethyl ester.

Without the TG form, your fish oil will give you minimal to no results.
And why would you take anything for minimal results when this is all so crucial to your health? Of course, you need the most abundant source of EPA and DHA Omegas possible.
The good news is: 
You can find these fish in our own waters!
In the federally-regulated waters of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.
You don’t have to worry about foreign contamination in your fish oil, because… Our entire supply chain is operated HERE in the United States.

And these chains are mostly family-based businesses whose history as fishermen go back generations.

Only a limited amount of these wild fish can be caught each year.

Once the location of the schools of fish is spotted by airplane… It’s relayed to a fleet of refrigerated fishing vessels.
The vessels go out and carefully bring the fish on board, transferring them to refrigerated storage to keep them fresh.

Rather than using a hodgepodge of fish parts like most fish oil producers…

And rather than taking days or weeks to reach their destination…

The fresh fish are kept whole, sent to a nearby production facility, and immediately prepared for production.
Now… This next step is one a lot of fish oil producers don’t do well, or at all...

Because it’s so expensive that it cuts into profits.
It’s called molecular distillation, the process of refining the oil into an ultra-pure state.
This process offers huge benefits.

With molecular distillation…

Omega-3 molecules are pulled away from any contaminants present in an extreme vacuum environment.

As a result...
  • It makes the oil so pureit’s almost impossible to find any contaminants.

  • It makes the oil so much more concentratednot much is needed to put into smaller, easy-to-swallow capsules.

  • It makes the oil so much easier to absorbyour body gets more Omega-3s and… NO MORE FISH BURPS!
This alone makes wild-caught, EPA and DHA-rich fish oil your BEST choice.
On top of that…

You’ll also enjoy all the major heart health benefits we covered earlier.
  • Stop heart scarring in its tracks
  • Maintain your heart health  by promoting healthy blood pressure
  • Keep your cholesterol and triglyceride levels in check
  • Maintain healthy blood flow and circulation
  • Have better mood and mental well-being
  • Have more energy
  • Have a healthier metabolism
  • Have a healthier blood sugar
  • Have a healthy sex drive
  • And much more
With all this said, there’s just one minor issue…
These pristine fish can only be caught in limited amounts.
And it’s challenging to find a fish oil that has consistently pure EPA and DHA...

Especially since rancid fish oils are being sold everywhere.

And knowing about these 3 disgusting fish-oil finds we talked about earlier…

I can’t trust my heart to any Omega-3 brands… Except the one I’m using now.
As I mentioned earlier, I’m a full-time practicing physician.

However, only a few people know that I’m also a Lead Medical Advisor at PhytAge Labs.
PhytAge Labs produces supplements that are 
100% naturally effective.
They produce these supplements based on comprehensive clinical case studies and alternative health data that show they actually work.

So when I learned about these 3 disgusting fish oil finds… I immediately called my friends at PhytAge Labs… And asked them if they could help me develop an Omega-3 supplement that has the same doses of the Missing Omegas DHA and EPA used in the study.
I’m so grateful they said YES.
So, I sent them all the research studies, including the Harvard research I shared with you today.

And just like I usually do…

I worked with them to formulate a heart health supplement that follows the same dosage, quality and distillation process we talked about earlier.
And finally…

After more than 3 months of painstaking sourcing, formulating, and screening of the first small batch of the exact same Omega-3s used in the Harvard study...

I received a package from PhytAge Labs.

Inside was the first batch of Omega-3 bottles with the right doses of the Missing Omegas DHA and EPA.
I take one soft gel capsule daily... while sticking to the exact same diet my cardiologist told me to.

And I’m so surprised!
Within just 6 months of taking these capsules…
I can honestly say that my health has improved.
I felt a significant improvement in my energy and speed.

My triglycerides, blood pressure and cholesterol levels are as perfect as my heart rate…

And my heart started to pump strongly... making it nearly heart attack-proof.
I can’t believe it!
Even my friends and family considered my improvements a miracle.
That’s why… When Joey, my best friend, learned about it... He immediately called and asked if he could also try the same Omega-3 supplement I’m using.

At first, I was hesitant. Joey has a really bad lifestyle.

He smokes and drinks a lot. He’s actually the reason why I started smoking.

He doesn’t exercise. He eats just like any typical American. And he’s overweight.

That’s why I thought it wouldn’t work for him.
But I was wrong!
After just 6 months of consistently using the same Omega-3 supplements I gave him... I received a call from Joey’s wife, Hanna.
“Hey, Greg. It’s Hanna. Joey and I are here in the hospital.”
“What hospital? What happened? Is Joey okay?”
“Relax, everything’s okay. I just wanted to say thank you! 
Joey’s numbers have dropped. The doctor said his heart is getting better.”
And then I heard Joey saying in the background:
“Hey, Greg, your Omega-3 supplement works! You should be making more of that. You’ll be helping more people.  Thanks, man. I’ll see you later.”
“It works.”
“Help more people.”
Those words stuck in my mind.
And that made me realize… There might be other people who shared the same agony as me.
  • Some people who are willing to try everything not to have a second heart attack.
  • Some people who wake up every day worried that they might not see their kids grow up.
  • Some people who want to spend more time with family. 
  • Some people who are afraid to die and want to live longer.
Joey was right!
So I worked with my colleagues at Phytage Labs to develop more of the same Omega-3 supplements I’m using...

And I made sure to develop a groundbreaking nutritional formula that’s arguably the best source of the Hidden OMEGAS.
  • It contains the Missing Omegas DHA and EPA, with the same or higher potencies used in the Harvard study.

  • It uses ONLY wild-caught fish from pristine waters - and not a hodgepodge of different fish guts - all while keeping the process sustainable and here in the States. And...

  • It underwent molecular distillation (most companies don't do this because it’s expensive) to ensure GRADE-A purity. That means there are no toxins, pollutants or fish burps to threaten your health.
And I mean it when I tell you…

That in all my years of medical practice…
I’ve NEVER seen a fish oil that meets all these requirements:
  • 100% American-made
  • Molecularly distilled to the highest possible purity
  • Sustainably caught in clean, American waters...
  • Crafted from ONLY whole, wild-caught fish
  • Contains the Missing Omega-3s: EPA & DHA, each in triglyceride form for maximum absorption
Not a single bottle touches the market unless it meets each and every one of my criteria…

And each and every capsule is produced right here in the USA...

All in a clean, temperature-controlled, FDA-approved manufacturing facility.
I’m thrilled to present to you...
HEART BEAT 911 is a COMPLETE fish oil, which includes the Missing Omegas, so you can fully support your health and… Help protect your heart against the damage of scarring and inflammation.
HEART BEAT 911 is the exact Omega-3 supplement that I used to help...
  • Stop my heart scarring in its tracks. 
  • Maintain my healthy biomarkers. 
  • And make my heart nearly heart attack-proof. 
It’s completely different from the ineffective, low-quality fish oil products that you can find on the market.
Those supplements simply don’t produce the results they promise you.
Plus, those big companies get MASSIVE price breaks to crank out millions and millions of bottles of super LOW-quality fish oil that’s completely worthless.
But HEART BEAT 911 is VERY different from any other so-called “fish oil” supplement on the market today.

All because… Those so-called “fish oil” supplements simply don’t follow the same rigorously-tested standards as HEART BEAT 911.

Therefore, they’re missing most of the benefits provided by high-quality EPA and DHA Omega-3s.
However, HEART BEAT 911 is formulated according to the most stringent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as defined by the FDA.

They’re also tested for maximum purity and potency.

You will never catch us offering the public a mediocre fish oil.

In fact, these lucky people who’ve gotten their hands on a small supply of HEART BEAT 911 say it works like a God-send.
Gina Kanner writes:
I seem to have more energy, and my blood pressure now stays around normal for me!
Jerry Johnson documented his progress by saying:
I can do more! My most noticeable result has been increased energy, and this will lead to more improvements as I feel ready to DO more already.
And remember those other potential benefits of improving your mood, cravings, metabolism and more when you're getting the Missing Omegas?

Well, Carter Hainsworthe showed us a great example of what's possible when he wrote in to give us his update:
Overall, my health has improved. 

I have certainly noticed a drop in my body weight, as well as a shift in my energy. 

I get less daily tiredness and more restful sleep. Plus, I have greater stability in my diet. I don't need to graze as much. Thanks!
And these are just the notes at the top of my stack!

I’ve got dozens more I could share with you, all telling me how HEART BEAT 911 has changed peoples’ lives in countless ways.
And now, it’s your turn.
Take HEART BEAT 911 and see for yourself all the missing nutrients that old fish oil doesn’t have.
Just take one easy-to-swallow gel capsule of HEART BEAT 911 with a glass of water or your favorite beverage in the morning.
You don’t even have to make any other changes to your exercise or diet.
Because every single day, your heart and arteries will get younger and stronger.

You’ll immediately notice the difference in your energy levels.
And the next time you visit your doctor for a blood draw… You and your doctor will be surprised that your numbers have significantly improved.
Also, remember: Each bottle of your HEART BEAT 911 includes all the Missing Omegas your body needs.
Together, they are scientifically proven to be absorbed more efficiently…

Promoting all the benefits we've covered today, so it's guaranteed to work.
But here's why I'm so dedicated to making sure you get only the best results... even if that means sacrificing our own profits to develop the highest-quality formulas.
It’s not just about saving you from cheap formulas.
  • It’s about meeting countless folks who have watched someone they care about have a heart attack… And are living in fear, wondering if and when a heart attack will happen to them next.

  • It’s about extinguishing those fears by giving them a way to maintain their health - especially heart health.
I’ve been in the same position before and know how devastating this is.
That’s why I want to help you.
There are already many fish and krill oils on the market, sure.

But as you've seen… Trusting any old formula is a dangerous gamble when your health is on the line.

And I wasn't content with taking that risk.

That's why I made it my life’s purpose to find the world's best fish oil that will help you achieve a heart-healthy life.
And once you try it for yourself, you’ll agree HEART BEAT 911 is the best, too!

Although it’s a fact that this is the highest-quality and purest form of the Missing Omegas, DHA and EPA… We knew we still had to price it in a way that would make it accessible for as many people as possible.
If you were buying these Omegas separately...
 You’d be paying around $225 for a 30-day supply.
However, I was determined to keep the prices low.

So we’re cutting into our own profits to give you the lowest price possible.

And we’re happy to do it because we know how HEART BEAT 911 can change your life.
The regular price for HEART BEAT 911 is $120.00 per bottle.

This is a complete bargain if you take into consideration that we ONLY use the purest forms of fish oil found anywhere on the globe...

Which we then ship to our independent lab, where we formulate each and every bottle using the most advanced equipment known to man. These small quantities are then shipped directly to your door.
Here's another thing:
If you tried to get your hands on all the EPA and DHA Omega-3s in a single bottle of HEART BEAT 911 separately…
You’d pay well over $120...

But since you’ve made the cut into our special VIP Group…
You won’t pay $120.00.
You won’t pay $99.95.
Not even $79.95.
Nope, you don’t need to pay any of those prices…
Because if you take action right now, you’ll get your hands on a full bottle of HEART BEAT 911 with this special offer…
for ONLY $69.95.
That’s not a misprint.
That's a saving of over $50 from the regular price, and comes to only 78 cents per pill!
That's less than one-quarter of the price of the competition for the top-rated fish oil supplements available in the world... and it’s the lowest price you’ll find for HEART BEAT 911 anywhere.
After all, how much is your life worth to you?
If you’re anything like me, you’d pay thousands to enjoy a healthy heart for all your years.
  • Imagine not being constantly worried that a heart attack is going to send you to an early grave.

  • Imagine getting back your independence so you could go to the gym, ski, or hike with friends without gasping for air.

  • Imagine taking care of your family, spending precious time with your partner, and seeing your children getting married and having kids. 
I want you to try HEART BEAT 911 for yourself and experience the health and heart improvements it offers.
But it’s important that you act right away
and reserve your bottles of HEART BEAT 911.
All because…  our customers end up ordering several bottles of HEART BEAT 911 at a time.
Some of them stock up to keep their heart healthy and protected every day.

The more you use it, the more effective it will be.

Others order 4 or more bottles so they can give it to their family and friends, too.

Our team at Phytage labs is so thrilled that we’ve helped so many people with their heart health.
The increasing demand for HEART BEAT 911 has put even more of a strain on our production capacities. Which again, can make running out of stock a real concern.

Some of our first-time customers are forced to wait up to 3 months until the next batch is produced.

I’d hate for that to happen, especially when HEART BEAT 911 can give you the results you desire for your heart.

When you start taking HEART BEAT 911 daily… 
You’re going to soon see and be convinced that
HEART BEAT 911 is a MUST-HAVE formula for healthy and worry-free living!
You know that life is short, and before you know it, 4-6 weeks will come and go, whether you like it or not.

But in 4-6 weeks' time…

You could either have begun to pump these critical EPA and DHA Omega-3s through your blood… Helping you to ease your physical and mental pain… Plus rejuvenate your overall well-being...
You could have the same less-than-optimal health, lackluster energy, and emotionally debilitating thoughts that you have today.

So I urge you to shop smart, just like most of our HEART BEAT 911 customers!

Order the BEST deal (includes 4 bottles) at checkout, and you’ll get a hefty discount from the single-bottle price.
While buying 1 bottle ($69.95) will already give you significant improvements in your heart health… The savings and heart health benefits of 4 bottles are even better.

The more consistently you take it, the better the results.
Once you order 4 bottles now…
You'll have a spot in the PhytAge Labs’ Private Test Group, which entitles you to our VIP pricing...
...at only $49.95 per bottle!
That's more than ½ OFF… Which is a savings of over $70 per bottle, and comes to just 56 cents per pill.
Plus, we’ll cover the shipping... FREE!
Why would I ask for such a drastic price discount for you?
The answer is actually simple: In our pursuit to push the boundaries of our research…
We need people to share their real, actual results with us…
Specifically, the ever-increasing benefits that begin to start when you’ve been using HEART BEAT 911 for 30 Days or MORE.

As a result of that goal… We’ve instructed the lab to set aside an entire supply of HEART BEAT 911 so that YOU can share YOUR success stories with us...

And so that our team of scientists will have a growing body of evidence to show the long-term properties of this amazing product!
By now, I’m sure you’re primed and ready to experience the heart health and energy-rejuvenating power of HEART BEAT 911.
But we’re going to make you a deal you can’t pass up.
Because we’re going to let you…
Try HEART BEAT 911 for a FULL 3 MONTHS (90 days) on me!
If at any point, you’re not completely thrilled with your results... I want you to give us a call so that we can make it right with a prompt, polite, no-hassle refund - no questions asked! It’s that simple.
Try it for yourself and SEE! Guaranteed to work – or you PAY NOTHING!
Today, you will receive our 90-day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee...

When you try HEART BEAT 911 right now, it either works… Or you get all your money back, no questions asked.

That’s right: We’ll send you your supply right now, and if at any time over the next 90 days you decide it’s just not working for you... Just contact us for a FULL REFUND.
That’s a 100% money-back guarantee!
We can’t make this deal much better than that, don’t you agree?
​​​​Have we gone insane?

Maybe we have lost it a little bit… But we want to get our ground-breaking HEART BEAT 911 into as many VIP hands as we can before we run out of inventory.

We’re 100% convinced of the power of our energy and vitality-boosting formula… And we’re willing to stick our necks out and take ALL of the risk.
We want you to experience the effects of our proprietary healthy blood flow and health-rejuvenating formula for yourself… And wake up to a body that looks beautiful and feels youthful, energized and ready to take on the world!

And if you don’t?

We’ll simply give you your money back!

We have a hunch that HEART BEAT 911 is the one thing you’re missing right now...

Even if you’re already currently on a healthy-heart meal plan and exercise regimen prescribed by your doctor.

But you won’t KNOW that if you don’t try it!
Plus, we’ll do something absolutely crazy:
Not only will you get all your money back… But we’ll also give you… An additional $100 just for giving it an honest try! It’s no joke.
I know it sounds like we’ve lost our minds, but we’re not kidding around.

If you’re not happy with HEART BEAT 911 for any reason at all… We’ll give you every single penny back… PLUS another $100, even if you use the entire bottle.
That’s how confident we are that our solution works.
And you should feel pretty confident too, because… HEART BEAT 911 goes under some of the most rigorous testing in the industry.
Phytage Labs is trusted by 800,000 customers around the globe…
And we have a reputation for being obsessive when it comes to quality control and testing.
Each of our products is made in a Good Manufacturing Practices facility, has been certified by GMP for quality and sanitation, and is regularly checked for potency by the FDA.

While some other companies may take the cheaper route and skimp on quality control, we wouldn’t even think about it.

Phytage Labs guarantees quality control because we operate by regulations that are even stricter than those of the government.
In fact, in our latest inspection by the FDA, we passed without one single issue... Which is almost unheard of.

Even in corporate facilities worth billions of dollars, there’s always at least one issue during an FDA inspection. A leaky faucet… a dirty floor… something.

But the FDA didn't have one complaint about our facility.
Honestly, even that isn’t enough to satisfy us.
We make sure that every ingredient we source is tested thoroughly before use.

This way, we ensure that every part of HEART BEAT 911 is of absolute quality so that you never have to wonder.

We believe it’s extremely important to make sure that… Each bottle of HEART BEAT 911 has exactly what it says on the label. No more. No less.

Sure, we may not make as much money as we could… but we know that you’ll be a customer for life.

That’s how confident we are in HEART BEAT 911.
So click the button below to get your first bottles of HEART BEAT 911.
That’s all you have to do to fight back against the frustration and anxiety of waiting for your ticking bomb to explode...
So that you can enjoy life with…
  • A healthy heart 
  • More energy and vitality
  • Better mood and mental well-being
  • Healthy blood flow and sex drive
  • Healthy metabolism
  • Perfect blood sugar levels
  • And more!
And remember:
  • With more than 3 months to source the best fish oil for HEART BEAT 911...
  • With only a limited amount of these wild fish to catch each year.
  • And with such a high demand of HEART BEAT 911...
I must tell you:
You need to act now!
Because once we run out of stock… that’s it.

So shop smart.

Order the BEST deal (includes 4) bottles at checkout…

And you’ll get a hefty discount from the single-bottle price.
Think about it…
For what we’ve shown you, we’d be more than justified to price HEART BEAT 911 at $120 per bottle. You’d pay a heck of a lot more to visit a doctor to diagnose or treat your ailments, right?

But guess what? Now, for much less than the cost of your daily Starbucks fix...

You can use the heart-saving, blood pressure-regulating, life-enhancing and energy-boosting benefits of HEART BEAT 911.
And, knowing that HEART BEAT 911 is likely to sell out again in the next few weeks...

And that your order is covered with a money-back guarantee...

It makes a lot of sense to stock up now.

This is because once you start taking HEART BEAT 911

You’ll wish you would have bought more and started taking it sooner.
I’ve already explained to you the research from top scientists about how HEART BEAT 911 can help…
  • Improve heart scarring significantly
  • Keep your heart pumping strong
  • Support your healthy blood pressure
  • Bolster your healthy cholesterol 
  • Reduce bad triglyceride levels
  • Power up your metabolism, and… 
  • Help you shed unwanted body fat. 
I’ve also shared with you how HEART BEAT 911 helped my own heart and Bill’s heart to be nearly heart attack-proof.

And I shared with you how HEART BEAT 911 improved Gina Kanner, Jerry Johnson and Carter Hainsworthe’s health and life in just 6 short months.
Now, the only question left to answer is:
Are you ready?
  • Are you ready to get back your independence and the self-worth you’ve been missing because of your heart?

  • Are you ready to wake up every day without worrying about your heart, blood pressure and blood sugar numbers?

  • And, are you ready to live a healthy, worry-free life with your family and friends because your doctor says… you’re now nearly heart attack-proof?
You certainly should be!
You’ve heard my story and other peoples’ experiences, and you’ve seen the scientific proof... Now it’s time for you to try HEART BEAT 911 with absolutely no risk.

All you need to do is take control of your body, health and wellness by trying HEART BEAT 911 for yourself.
Click the “Add To Cart” button below and place your order before our shelves run dry.
Order now.
This presentation is about to end. So now, you have to make a choice!
The way I see it, you have two options.
First, you can close your browser right now and just leave your fate to chance.

Or second, you can make the decision to try HEART BEAT 911 today to help keep your heart healthy and strong… so that you can live a worry-free life with your family.

It all starts and ends with HEART BEAT 911.
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This is the only product that delivers a potent dose of the Missing Omegas to your body and brain... while also increasing your overall health and strength.

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Because after helping hundreds of people, I know this first step is the most important.
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And remember, if you don’t love what HEART BEAT 911 accomplishes for you…

Get your money back any time within the next 90 days...

Plus FREE SHIPPING! It's on us, no matter where you live.
I truly believe this formula will transform your life for the better, just as it has for so many of my heart patients.

This could help so many people if only they knew it existed.
Don’t miss your chance to finally be free from a life of unfulfilled promise.
So please, do yourself a favor and click on the “Add To Cart” button below to claim your supply before we run out!

It’s the easiest choice you can make today…

And one that will make the biggest difference in your life tomorrow.
  • I’ve done all the research for you.

  • I’ve made sure each ingredient exceeds government quality standards.

  • I’ve offered a completely risk-free, money-back guarantee… Plus $100 on top of your money back if I’m wrong about all this. But I won’t be.
All you need to do is click the “Add to Cart” button to confidently try HEART BEAT 911 for yourself.
Look, if you’re still here… that means two things.
  • You understand just how important your heart health is to your happiness.
  • You have a few questions.
It’s completely fine to have questions, in fact, I’m glad that you do… Because I want you to feel completely confident before claiming your supply of HEART BEAT 911.

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive:
  • How do I know Heart Beat 911 will work for me?
Heart Beat 911 contains the purest form of the Missing Omegas EPA and DHA.

In addition, Heart Beat 911 is sourced from the purest ingredients available which means your body will absorb these life sustaining nutrients more efficiently.

Remember, these ingredients are backed by research from top universities and thousands of people who have used them and had great results.
And, I have personally seen hundreds of my patients and friends benefit from these key ingredients.
And remember, there is a 100%, 90 Day, no-questions-asked money back guarantee + $100.00... so there is no risk to you.
  • How many bottles should I order?
We recommend ordering the largest amount possible so that you get more savings. Plus, with such limited supplies, ordering more will ensure that you don’t miss out if we’re out of stock.

Heart Beat 911 has a shelf life of 2 years so you don’t have to worry about them going bad if you claim multiple bottles.
  • Is Heart Beat 911 safe?
I’ve already shared all the safety standards that we abide by when manufacturing Heart Beat 911. We go to great lengths to make sure that what you see on the label is exactly what you get.

Each ingredient in our formula is tested for purity to ensure there are no additives or toxins.

We always recommend that you talk to your doctor before taking Heart Beat 911.
  • Is Heart Beat 911 a replacement for any kind of medicine?

Heart Beat 911 helps support your heart health in a variety of ways but it does not treat any disease and should not be used to replace any medication you may be on.

If you are currently on a treatment plan under your doctor’s care, do not stop that treatment plan unless your doctor tells you to.

Use Heart Beat 911 in conjunction with your doctor’s treatment plan and always follow your doctor’s advice on any health issue.
If you’re wondering if Heart Beat 911 is right for you then I encourage you to try it out for yourself.
With our 90 day, money-back guarantee you can see if you like it for absolutely no risk.

If you want your money back... just give us a call and we’ll return every penny immediately.

AND... we’ll give you an additional $100 on top of that just for giving it an honest try!
You’ve got nothing to lose.
 But everything to gain.
Click below to place your order now!

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